Proteggi il pianeta!

Un obiettivo ambizioso che si realizza nell’ambito collettivo e individuale a partire dalla terra sulla quale posiamo i piedi. A partire da ora, per il futuro.

We Forge Solution


Stabilizing the Climate

Écologie bold planis to curb carbon dioxide emissions around the globe.


Feeding the World

Strong incentives for farmers, ranchers and fishermen ensure lasting food security.


Protecting Our Health

Safer household products through chemical policy reform and corporate partnerships.


Recent Projects

Struggle For the Beach

For the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup in September, we will organize groups of volunteers to document and remove debris at a beach near them, as well as learn about the coastal environment.

For The Love of Trees

An event organised by Ecologie Engo Solutions in partnership with Univer, Ealing council and the Mayor of the City which saw over 320 volunteers plant a total of 10,000 trees at King George’s Field, Southall.


Featured Campaigns

We Want to Save the Ocean Turtles

We Want to Save the Ocean Turtles

People who need to fish for a living are catching turtles in their nets and either injuring them or killing them.

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Migliora l’ambiente con un piccolo gesto


Ways to Help

Protect Nature You Love

You have the power to protect our Earth. Your support can help save natural resources today and for generations to come.


You Can Move Mountains

One pair of hands is all we need to make a difference in the world. Find volunteer opportunities near you! Save The Planet!


Join Resistant Action

We’re taking our resistance to the next level. This summer, activists across the country are standing up against injustice!


Cosa ti lascerai alle spalle?

Ciascuno di noi lascia un’ impronta sul pianeta, possiamo lasciare un’eredità per rendere il domani migliore di oggi.

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